Watch: Bill Maher Breaks Bernie with Simple Question About America That Any Conservative Could Answer

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After the first four primary contests in the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination sweepstakes, one thing was clear: It was down to two old, white men, both of whom were well past the point of diminishing returns.

One was an old party hack who could be used as a puppet by socialists, the other was an old socialist hack who could be used as a puppet by the party. What, pray tell, was the difference?

It’s difficult to give you an exhaustive list, but Friday night’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” provided at least one stark contrast. President Joe Biden is so old that he doesn’t know what he’s telling you. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is so old he doesn’t know when he’s accidentally telling you the truth.

Maher — that liberal whom conservatives occasionally like because he not only realizes, as Orwell put it, that “[t]o see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle,” he periodically makes that effort — decided to ask Sanders about two words that factor heavily into the modern leftist mindset.

The host was reading from an audience question: “Are we confusing equality of opportunity with trying to guarantee equity in outcomes?”

“That’s interesting — because I think this word ‘equity’ has come into the language in the last few years, and before that, we didn’t hear it a lot,” Maher said.

“A lot of people hear ‘equity’ and they hear ‘equality’ like it’s the same word, and it’s not the same word and the same concept,” he continued.

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