Watch: Border Patrol Takes Stand Against Invaders Attempting to Rush Border: ‘Agents Responded’

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United States Border Patrol agents stood their ground on Monday against a mob of migrants who attempted to storm into the country across the Rio Grande in El Paso, Texas.

The agents resorted to firing non-lethal projectiles at the mob after one of the migrants attacked a Border Patrol agent with a flagpole.

The mob retreated from what the Border Patrol spokesman Landon Hutchens referred to as a “less-lethal pepperball launching system,” according to the El Paso Times.

“One of the protesters assaulted an agent with a flag pole,” Hutchens told the Times by email. “A second subject threw a rock causing injury to an agent at which time agents responded by initiating crowd control measures.”

The El Paso Times videoed the altercation between Border Patrol agents and the invaders, one of them carrying a large Venezuelan flag and appearing to menace the agents with it. A Honduran flag is stuck in the ground on the riverbank.

The migrants were part of a larger mass from Venezuela that has been stopped from crossing into the U.S. because of an agreement between Mexico and the Biden administration.

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