WATCH: Brenda Lucki, Bill Blair give contradicting accounts on Nova Scotia shooting

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RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki said that the conference call between herself and other top officers had several misunderstandings, which has led to confusion on whether the Trudeau Liberals put pressure on her to release information on the Nova Scotia mass shooter’s weapons.

Lucki denied on Monday that she told detectives to make the details of the weapons used public, and denied that pressure came from then-Public Safety Minister Bill Blair and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Blair echoed those sentiments on Monday, when he told Conservative MP Raquel Dancho that he never put any undue pressure on Lucki: “Your office obtained assurances from Commissioner Lucki that the types of weapons used in the shooting would be released to the public at the April 28 press conference, correct?” he was asked.

“No that is incorrect,” he responded. “Let me be very clear, at no time did I ask Commissioner Lucki to reveal that information.” He was then stopped by Dancho, who said that Blair may be miscommunicating: “Minister, I think you’re miscommunicating a bit. I’m not asking if you had asked her, I’m asking if you are aware of the commissioner’s expectation that on that April 28 press conference, that that information would be released. Were you aware that that would be the commissioner’s expectation?” Blair denied any wrongdoing.

Dancho then pressed Lucki, where the commissioner communicated that there was no backroom deal between the RCMP and the Trudeau Liberals, and that most of this was due to a misunderstanding on the part of Darren Campbell, who wrote the notes that brought this whole scandal to light. Lucki did say, however, that Blair asked about the weapons used at the attack, and whether they would be mentioned at the press conference: “Just to be clear that the minister asked you that the weapons used in the attack would be mentioned in the press conference?” asked Dancho.

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