Watch: Byron Donalds Gives Beautiful On-Air Reality Check to Panel of Tone-Deaf CNN Reporters

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Rep. Byron Donalds wasn’t backing down.

The first-term Florida Republican was a voice of reason during the panel discussion Wednesday night after CNN’s town hall with former President Donald Trump, the leading 2024 GOP contender, in New Hampshire, providing a refreshing reality check about what’s really on the minds of American voters.

And here’s a hint: It isn’t what obsesses the liberals in charge of CNN.

Donalds was joined in the conservative camp by David Urban, a CNN commentator, but he didn’t need any help in one segment dealing with the liberal-dominated panel.

While town hall anchor Kaitlan Collins spent most of her time attacking Trump (unsuccessfully, as the response by both viewers and the audience showed), the panelists afterward also tried to keep the focus on the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol incursion, the continuing dispute over the 2020 election brought the argument back to the present.

And how that will affect the political future.

Independent voters, Donalds said, are “focused on the things that are affecting their families, first and foremost.”

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