WATCH: Charlie Kirk and Matt Peterson on how the Biden admin is criminalizing dissent

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On his Friday episode of the “Charlie Kirk Show,” the Kirk spoke with co-founder of New Founding, Matt Peterson about the irresponsibility of Democrats in office and how the Biden administration is going about criminalizing dissent.

Kirk spoke about an article from MSNBC that praised Merrick Garland for being the kind of Attorney General who would target former President Donald Trump and his allies and then asked Peterson, “What is your take on this outright, naked, and public weaponization of government against political opponents?”

“Americans have to wake up and realize that what’s happening here is extremely serious,” Peterson said. “I don’t see how you get back to normal anytime within our lifetimes,” he told Kirk.

Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 committee has been investigating the events of that day in granular detail. As it continues pressure mounts on Garland’s DOJ to formally charge Trump with Obstruction and Defrauding the United States.

Trump was also impeached and acquitted twice and the Department of Justice is currently investigating Trump’s conversations and phone records surrounding his claim that the 2020 election should have gone in his favor.

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