WATCH: Charlie Kirk SLAMS Biden for dark, disturbing speech targeting conservatives

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On Thursday, President Joe Biden delivered his so-called “Soul of the Nation” address outside Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Instead of hope and unity, however, Biden preached division, repeatedly targeting Donald Trump and “MAGA Republicans.”

In an interview with FOX News’ Pete Hegseth, Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk, a proud MAGA Republican, slammed the president for his divisive rhetoric.

Kirk began by criticizing Biden’s decision to target his political rivals while failing to mention the major issues facing the nation.

“Zero mentions of fentanyl deaths, zero mentions of the open border, zero mentions of China, zero mentions of inflation, zero mentions of crime, but thirteen mentions of MAGA Republicans,” Kirk lamented.

Kirk also pointed out the “very creepy authoritarian visual of all red” lighting that emanated from Independence Hall.

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