WATCH: Citizen Free Press tells Charlie Kirk about the rise of the new media class

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On Friday’s episode of The Charlie Kirk Show, the show’s namesake spoke with “Kane,” the anonymous man who runs the news aggregate Citizen Free Press, a site that has emerged as the conservative alternative to the Drudge report which has grown increasingly liberal over the past few years, about the rise of the “new media class”

Kirk talked with Kane about how his site has emerged as part of a new media class, with page views exceeding The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, NBC News, TMZ, CBS News, Daily Beast, ABC News. “You are the new Drudge, you are the drumbeat,” Kirk said.

Citizen Free Press bypassed a focus on social media as a move to make them “never able to be cancelled, ” Kane said, adding that focusing on cultivating base and return readership has been his route to success.

Kirk asked Kane what the conservative base was “focusing on in the last week’s uptick of traffic,” noting that Citizen Free Press is “a non legacy media way of tracking public opinion.”

Kane answered, “What happened in Mar a Lago, obviously.”

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