Watch: CNN Anchor Watches Narrative Collapse, Left Stunned When She Finds out Colorado Shooting Suspect is ‘Non-Binary’

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This definitely wasn’t what the establishment media was expecting.

The suspect arrested following a mass shooting at a Colorado Springs, Colorado gay nightclub identifies as “non-binary,” a leftist term for individuals that eschew both male and female identities.

CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota was literally left without words at the development, speaking in a Tuesday segment about the Club Q shooting and suspect Anderson Aldrich.

Aldrich’s attorneys identified their client as “non-binary” in court filings following his arrest, describing him as “Mx. Aldrich,” and requesting that the Colorado court overseeing the criminal proceedings against him refer to him with pronouns of “they” and “them.”

“I don’t what to say about that,” Camerota said of the development regarding Aldrich’s background.

“That’s what he’s now saying.”

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