WATCH: CNN guest blasts Biden's weak leadership

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A guest on a panel put together for a CNN episode of “Inside Politics” criticized President Joe Biden’s weak leadership since the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

Sunday’s panel was made up of Melanie Zanona, a CNN correspondent who covers Capitol Hill regularly; Molly Ball, a political correspondent for Time Magazine; and Bloomberg’s White House correspondent Jordan Fabian.

“It’s an environment of overall discontent,” commented host, Abby Phillip.

“People correctly perceive that he’s not in control of the situation,” Ball chimed in, talking about the president, opining that, in her opinion, things started to go the wrong way when the US withdrew its troops from Afghanistan in August.

“And I think ever since that Afghanistan last summer, people have had—voters overall—have not had a sense of leadership from the White House, have not had a sense that there’s a president in control, who is strong and consistent and knows what he’s doing and can project a consistent message from one day or the next.”

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