WATCH: Deepfake video shows Trudeau reading from 'How the Prime Minister Stole Freedom' book

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A new deepfake video shows Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appearing to read from the children’s book “How the Prime Minister Stole Freedom,” which topped Amazon charts earlier this year.

The video, created by AlexWoodsZ, shows Trudeau reading the book in a video that is obviously edited to the trained eye, but with a voice that sounds exactly like the prime minister’s.

The book, illustrated by Kaepe Knipe and written by Derek Smith, is modelled the book around the Dr. Seuss Christmas classic, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” and follows a the prime minister character in his battle against freedom protestors who descend upon the capital city. The book was released shortly after the Freedom Convoy protests that paralyzed much of Ottawa’s downtown core for most of February.

The prime minister in the book, a politician who resembles Canadian Liberal Party boss Justin Trudeau, is shown to be a stupid man with a brain “three sizes too small” who aims to steam the freedoms of protestors.

“From coast to coast the truckers drove through the snow and their small fringe numbers continued to grow. Then one day a trucker appeared in the town, with thousands behind them from miles around,” one passage reads.

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