WATCH: Doug Ford 'swallowed a bee' during announcement

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Doug Ford, the premier of Ontario, made an announcement on Friday in Dundalk, Ontario, where he “swallowed a bee.”

“There’s always solutions that we have to move forward, but not coming from the government per say,—keugh, kkueeuhgh. Holy Christ, I just swallowed a bee,” Ford said, after apparently inhaling a bee whole. “Holy Christ, I knew that little bugger.”

Ford laughed off the situation, and even joked that the bee-eating made Global News’ Colin D’Mello’s day—D’Mello being a notorious critic of Ford for years now.

“I’m good, he’s down here buzzing around right now. He has a lot of real estate. Now if that wasn’t a clip. This is going to be replayed over and over again. That just made Colin D’Mello’s day, he’s going to be laughing all the way back to the city… He’s wedged in my throat, sorry guys. Little bugger got away in there. I’m okay, he’s buzzing in there. Man, he went right down the hatch. This is a class, okay? Holy Christ, sorry, this is a good one.”

The Post Millennial has reached out to the bee for comment but has not received one at the time of publishing.

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