WATCH: Dr. Robert Malone addresses tens of thousands at historic Defeat the Mandates march

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Dr. Robert Malone addressed tens of thousands who marched Sunday on the nation’s capital to protest the vaccine mandate.

“I ask that you allow me a moment to speak to you about our children and about our fundamental responsibility to protect them,” Dr. Malone said to the massive crowd. “If nothing else, we must nurture and protect our children. It is job one. It is your job. It is my job. It is not their job to protect us. During the last two years, our society and our public health response has failed to protect them.”

“Many things that our public health system has demanded we do to our children has directly harmed them. Self-harm, suicide, and drug abuse in children have taken off around the world,” Dr. Malone continued. “Anxiety, bullying, intimidation, coercion have become the norm. Measured IQ in the very young has dropped.”

Dr. Malone continued, stating how the media and Big Tech pushed narratives that “distorted public policy” in regards to COVID-19. “I sincerely believe that we can break through the effects of the madness of crowds. The mass formation. The effects of the legacy media and Big Tech promoted fear and psychological manipulation, which have deeply distorted public health policy,” Dr. Malone said.

“Omicron is destroying the approved narrative that the vaccines are safe and effective, and that early drug treatment does not work. The Dark Winter predicted by our President and pushed by fear mongers in the media is failing to materialize,” Dr. Malone stated.

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