WATCH: Drag queen invites kids to twerk on stage at Ottawa Pride

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A video has emerged on Twitter of children being encouraged to twerk on stage at an Ottawa Pride event.

A Canadian independent journalist who goes by the name The Pleb captured the footage during Ottawa’s Pride week celebrations and posted it Twitter. It has since received increased attention after it was shared by Libs of TikTok.

The video, which was filmed on a bright and sunny street in Ottawa’s downtown core, shows four people on stage, two adults and two children, taking turns to twerk as a drag queen encourages them and a crowd of people cheers them on.

The older of the two children appears to be a girl of around twelve or thirteen, while the younger looks to be perhaps seven or eight. The parents of the children are not visible in the video.

While the response on Twitter was one largely of disgust and outrage, not everyone sees an issue with this form of family entertainment, with one Twitter user asking: “Why aren’t those kids crying if they’re so upset? Why can’t kids dance?”

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