WATCH: Emmons SLAMS Trudeau for reacting to US news cycle with handgun freeze proposal

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Last Saturday, The Post Millennial’s Editor-in-Chief Libby Emmons went on Newsmax for an interview talking about how Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is seeking to implement a “national freeze” on handgun sales across the country.

The theme from Libby’s conversation with Benny Johnson was that she believes it’s bizarre for Trudeau to react with Canadian legislation based on crimes done by Americans in the United States.

Benny: “Libby your thoughts on Justin Trudeau coming after the dangerous 9 millimeter, as Joe Biden would say?”

Libby: “Yeah I think Justin Trudeau is a bit of a tyrant, in fact, and he is pulling guns from Canada after we have seen for a year during the pandemic, police going to people’s homes and pulling them out of their homes. Simply for socializing with their families, in quantities that the government thought wasn’t appropriate. So that’s pretty interesting. He doesn’t want Canadians to be able to defend themselves against his vast government overreach.”

The Newsmax host brings up the reaction by Trudeau to the peaceful protest in Ottawa earlier this year, when Canadian citizens took a prolonged stand against Coronavirus restrictions. It led to the police being caught on camera trampling an elderly woman.

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