Watch: Farmers May Have Figured Out Exactly What’s Causing the Egg Shortage – Was This Intentional?

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On January 12, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the Consumer Price Index for the month of December. The data showed that inflation had ticked down 0.1 percent to an annual rate of 6.5 percent. At the same time, the food index rose 0.3 percent bringing the year over year total to 10.4 percent.

The single biggest contributor to the increase in the food index was the soaring cost of eggs. According to the BLS data, egg prices rose 11.1 percent from the previous month and a whopping 59.9 percent year over year.

Anyone who has shopped in a supermarket lately knows the price of eggs has soared.

Data from the St. Louis Federal Reserve showed that the average price of a dozen large, Grade A eggs in the U.S. cost $4.25 in December, up from 1.79 a year earlier.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture attributes the current egg shortage to a historic breakout of the “highly pathogenic Avian influenza,” which has killed millions of chickens.

According to a rash of posts making the rounds on social media, something more sinister might be to blame for the lack of supply. Last week, a young man, possibly a farmer, claimed in a Facebook post:  “Ok so something really weird is going on, I have called multiple farms that sell chickens and they are all telling me that their chickens have stopped laying eggs and therefore they do not have any for sale. I looked into it a little further and apparently they are putting something in the feed to stop them from being able to lay eggs! If you have chickens and are having the same thing happen try to start feeding them a rice and pinto bean mix because it seems anything made as feed is being tainted with something that is causing this!”

In the Twitter post below, a woman who has raised chickens for over 30 years said she has never gone without eggs. But from Halloween until a week ago, her chickens produced just a single egg. After switching from chicken feed to goat feed, they began to lay eggs again.

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