WATCH: Father blasts Virginia school board over daughter’s sexual assault after alleged attacker given one-day suspension

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A visibly emotional father broke down on the mic when he addressed his local Virginia school board about his 13-year-old daughter’s sexual assault, after the school only suspended the alleged attacker one day “for improper touching.”

The video featuring concerned father Jeffery Darr is from Wednesday’s meeting with the Prince William County School Board where the parent demands to know why more isn’t being done after the suspect was handed a one-day suspension.

“I was wondering if you’re going to explain to me how the policy and procedures are for the administration to handle this situation,” Darr started the speech at the podium. A long and uncomfortable pause followed. “Does anyone have any answers, how the process works?” asked Darr of a still silent school board.

“Mr. Darr, we typically don’t go and have a back-and-forth here, but we’re happy to take your comments by email or appointment and work with you on that,” answered Babur Lateef, the chairperson of the school board.

Darr pressed the point, and the school board members continued to tell him they want to discuss it at another time. Darr wasn’t having any of it, however.

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