Watch: Federal Judge Furious After Woke Mob Derails Stanford Speech, Wants Dean Fired for What She Did Next

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A federal judge was left enraged after his speech was derailed last week by a woke mob of students and a school administrator.

Fifth Circuit appellate Judge Stuart Kyle Duncan told the Washington Free Beacon that the students at Stanford University behaved like “dogs***” when they heckled and repeatedly shouted him down during his speech.

He has also called for an associate dean to be fired for what she did in response to the mayhem.

According to Fox News, Duncan went to Stanford on Thursday to give a speech at the invitation of the campus chapter of the Federalist Society, a conservative and libertarian organization for law professionals and students.

But, according to the Free Beacon, almost 100 Stanford students protested because, in a 2020 decision reported by NBC News, Duncan refused to use a transgender offender’s preferred pronouns in a child-pornography case, and explained at considerable length why he would not do so.

Video of the Stanford event shows Duncan attempting to give a speech but repeatedly being shouted down by a vocal mob of students every time he tried to speak, with students calling him a “scumbag” or saying that his “racism is showing.”

But what happened next was even more disturbing. Duncan asked for an administrator to stem the chaos, and Tirien Steinbach, Stanford’s associate dean of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” arrived on the scene.

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