WATCH: ‘Freedom Convoy’ spokesman discusses trucker protest with Tucker Carlson

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson sat down with “Freedom Convoy” spokesman Benjamin Dichter to discuss the massive trucker protest making headlines after thousands of Canadian truckers decided to descend on Ottawa.

Truckers from across Canada have been making their way to Ottawa over the past few days and are expected to reach the nation’s capital shortly. To better understand the motives behind the movement, Carlson spoke with Dichter.

“Tell us why you’re doing this,” Carlson asked. “What’s the point of this convoy?”

“Well it’s simple,” Dichter replied. “I mean we’ve seen Canada go from a country of Justin Trudeau’s promises of ‘sunny ways’ into dark, authoritarian oppression and control.” Dichter explained that the goal is to “get rid of the vaccine mandates, and the passports.”

“The passports is the really concerning one,” he added, detailing his experience of showing up to the border ready to provide his vaccine passport QR code, and being told by the border guard that it was already connected to his actual passport.

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