WATCH: Glen Youngkin tells trans-identified female teen schools 'need gender-neutral bathrooms' to 'accomodate students'

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Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin took part in a CNN town hall focusing on public education Thursday during which he was questioned about his stance on transgender issues, including parental rights, bathrooms and sports.

Youngkin expressed his belief that males do not belong in female sports categories; that children belong to their parents, not the state, and that schools should focus on creating gender-neutral bathrooms and changing rooms so every student can be comfortable.

In September, Youngkin moved to reverse Virginia’s school policies on gender that had been put in place under the previous Democratic administration. Under the new guidelines, schools are required to get parental consent before allowing a child to change their name or pronouns, and school bathrooms, changing rooms, and sports categories must be segregated by sex, not gender identity.

During the town hall, Nico, a young trans-identified female who presents as male and passes well, attempted a gotcha moment asking Youngkin if he really thought high school girls would feel comfortable sharing a restroom with Nico.

Tim Pool was quick to point out that this gotcha was more of a “self own,” because it suggests that girls would be more comfortable with an actual male.

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