WATCH: Gretchen Whitmer refers to women as 'people with a period'

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The Democrat Governor of Michigan called women ‘people with periods’ in a video explaining a bill to repeal sales tax on essential menstrual products.

In a video posted on TikTok, Governor Gretchen Whitmer explained how the “tax cut will help reduce the economic burden of the cost of menstrual products, especially for lower income Michiganders, saving people with a period from paying taxes and up to $4,800 in spending over the course of their lifetime.”

In the Nov 4 press release, the word woman features just once, while there are several gender-neutral attempts at replacing the word with phrases such as “those who menstruate” and “menstruating Michiganders.”

“It has taken many years and many bill reintroductions by legislators old and new, but we have finally reached the finish line to repeal an unfair tax levied on those who menstruate,” said Senator Winnie Brinks.

According to the press release, over the course of a lifetime, the average “menstruating Michigander” has 456 periods, totaling 6.25 years, and uses 17,000 tampons or pads. The typical cost for these products is $7 to $10 per month, which adds up to between $3,360 and $4,800 over the course of a lifetime. Therefore, repealing the tax will drive down costs for millions of Michiganders.

“Today, Michigan finally took a huge step forward in joining the ranks of states who have eliminated the “tampon tax,” said Senator Mallory McMorrow. “While it’s a small savings per purchase, those taxes have historically added up over a lifetime for one half of Michigan’s population, and not the other. It’s a small change with a big impact.” 

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