Watch: Gutfeld Roasts Harris After Lame ‘Veep’ Comparison: ‘She Sounds Like a Woman at a Bar’

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Armando Iannucci has made me laugh harder about politics — intentionally, anyhow — than any man I can remember. A Scottish comedy writer, Iannucci is most famous in his native United Kingdom for the “The Thick of It,” a riotously vulgar show which was a barely concealed parody of the behind-the-scenes machinations of Tony Blair’s tenure as prime minister.

There’s barely a memorable quote from the series that can be transcribed in a family publication without a blizzard of asterisks, despite the fact it was commissioned and aired by state broadcaster BBC, but the essential power dynamic is between Machiavellian, throat-grabbing spin wizards and incompetent, ladder-climbing sycophants.

As either member of the brothers Gallagher will tell you, the ultimate goal of any famous Brit is to make it in America. Iannucci succeeded; “The Thick of It” was rebooted on these shores as “Veep,” starring Julia Louis-Dreyfuss as a combination Machiavellian, throat-grabbing, incompetent, ladder-climbing sycophant who made it into the vice-presidential office.

While its plotline didn’t quite parallel national politics in the same way “The Thick of It” did, it’s worth noting that “Veep” debuted when the veep was Joe Biden. Biden looked infinitely better. Just sayin’.

In the actual series, Louis-Dreyfuss’ character finally ascends to the presidency — but, in the finale, her death is overshadowed by the fact she died on the same day as Tom Hanks, so her passing barely gets a mention in the news broadcasts. God forbid this coincidence happens in this life, but … well, just as life imitates art, perhaps art can predict life. Again: Just sayin’.

I mention all of this not to prepare you for pub trivia in London, but instead to put into perspective why Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld said — not incorrectly — that the woman one heartbeat away from the presidency “sounds like a woman at a bar.”

So, context: Harris appeared on Stephen Colbert’s late-night CBS show, where the topic of “Veep” was broached.

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