Watch: House Democrats Have Screaming Meltdown on the Floor Over Ilhan Omar Resolution

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The Democratic screeches were loud enough to briefly drown out the House chairwoman.

They were almost loud enough to be heard in Minneapolis.

But they weren’t anywhere near enough to keep Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar from being kicked off the House Foreign Affairs Committee, a powerful perch the radical leftist never deserved and ultimately disgraced.

In a resolution approved by a voice vote, then affirmed by a floor vote, the House managed to right one of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s wrongs and remove a representative with a history of blatant anti-Semitism from a committee that helps steer U.S. policy toward Israel and its sea of Arab enemy states.

The floor vote was 218-211, mainly on party lines, Fox News reported. (Republican David Joyce of Ohio voted “present,” according to ABC News.)

But it was the voice vote, which featured a veritable screaming meltdown by House Democrats, that Americans should remember.

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