Watch How Fast Biden’s Face Changes After He Botches Sentence: ‘Even Joe Is Fed Up with Joe at This Point’

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It was a rare moment of unity that President Joe Biden delivered on Tuesday — but it wasn’t the kind any politician wants.

During a speech at the Kempsville Recreation Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia, aimed at touting the benefits of the federal government’s increasing involvement in American health care, Biden bungled one line so badly everyone knew it.

The president knew he screwed up. The audience knew he screwed up. The White House transcript writers didn’t even bother trying to cover it up — they just tried to put the best spin on it possible. It didn’t work.

Biden’s battles with the English language in public speaking are so common it’s almost more newsworthy when the president doesn’t embarrass himself during an engagement, but Tuesday’s was different.

Normally, he just babbles around his misstatements, bluffing his way through the trouble areas until he finds surer footing a sentence or two down.

This time, Biden stopped cold. Check it out here:

The official White House transcript quotes the president as if he were doing a comedy routine:

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