WATCH: Jewish Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman speaks out after Justin Trudeau suggests she stands with Nazis

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Jewish Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman joined Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on Wednesday and spoke out against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggesting she stood with Nazi’s and racists because she has been a vocal supporter of the “Freedom Convoy.”

“This is his true colors,” Lantsman said of Trudeau. “I sit there and watch him draw a divide and wedge and stigmatize Canadians every single day. And today, the rest of Canada saw a G7 Prime Minister go after a Jewish member of Parliament and then walk away and not apologize,” she told Fox News.

On whether or not she believes that Justin Trudeau intentionally made antisemitic comments, Lantsman said she believes it was calculated and “that words matter.” B’nai Brith of Canada issued a statement condemning the Prime Minister’s words.

“And if you looked at my inbox in my office, and you saw what my staff was looking at, when you accuse somebody of standing with a swastika, you get an influx of people calling you a Nazi, and that’s not okay,” Lantsman continued.

“He’s been driving division in this country since before the protests started for his political gain. And I think his leadership is in trouble. The country’s in trouble and he’s lost control of the situation.”

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