WATCH: Joe Rogan blasts Trudeau for ‘demonizing’ unvaccinated Canadians

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Podcast legend Joe Rogan on Thursday was yet another voice to join the growing chorus of disapproval for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who has “demonized” unvaccinated Canadians as Freedom Convoy protests in the nation’s capital.

Rogan himself has been fighting an ongoing battle with the mainstream media, and with other political agents of cancel culture, as the liberal mob continues to claim that the popular COVID-19 skeptic spreads “misinformation.”

“In Quebec, you can’t buy groceries unless you’re vaccinated,” Rogan started off the podcast segment, continuing with saying: “We need to look at this and make sure that this is true. But when you get to that point…”

“Someone was telling us this last night,” interjected guest Dave Smith. “He was a Canadian, so he might be right about that, but that is, yeah, make sure that’s true,” continued Smith, with Rogan agreeing that the statement needs to be verified.

“And the way Trudeau talks about people who are unvaccinated … he says that they were misogynists and racists,” Rogan went on to say.

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