WATCH: Joe Rogan says Trudeau needs a 23andMe test due to resemblance to Castro

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Podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan said that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needed to take a 23andMe test to confirm who his real father is, after looking at side-by-side photos of Trudeau next to pictures of a young Fidel Castro.

Rogan told guest comedian Sam Tripoli that Trudeau’s resemblance to Castro was “wild,” though he said that the whole segment was “just for funsies” and later said that Trudeau looked “a lot” like “his real dad,” Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

Reading from an AP News fact check that debunks the Castro conspiracy, Rogan reads: “The February 1 suicide of Castro’s oldest son, Fidelito spurred the most recent reports on several sites claiming that Fidelito left a suicide note referring to Justin Trudeau as his half-brother.”

“The theory was that Castro was Trudeau’s father was also shared wildly on social media,” Rogan reads. “Just for funsies, let’s Google. Look at the two of them together. There’s multiple photos.”

“Yeah, that’s wild. That is f*cking wild. When you look at those… Oh my God, look at the top one,” Rogan continued.

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