WATCH: Kari Lake SLAMS reporter asking if she will ditch Arizonans to run as Trump's VP

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During a press conference on Tuesday, Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake was asked whether she would, if elected, leave the state to serve as Trump’s vice president. Lake responded with “Are you new covering this race?” and “We’ve talked about this before.”

Lake not only promised to serve Arizonans for one term, but stated that she’d be around for another four years after that.

“If Donald Trump announces, as expected, to be president and you win the governorship of Arizona, you’re likely to be talked about as a VP candidate,” the CBS News reporter began. “Do you plan to serve your entire term in Arizona, or are you open to being the VP.”

“Are you new covering this race?” Lake shot back. “We’ve talked about this before … I am going to not only be the governor of Arizona for four years, I’m going to do two terms. I’m going to be your worst frickin’ nightmare for eight years.”

“We will reform the media as well,” Lake continued. We are going to make you guys into journalists again. So, get ready. It’s going to be a fun eight years; I can’t wait to be working with you guys.”

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