WATCH: Liberals to update meaning of 'fully vaccinated' due to waning efficiency of jabs

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The Trudeau Liberals are planning on updating their definition of what it means to be “fully vaccinated.”

The change comes after advice from health experts that vaccine efficiency wanes by 50 to 80 percent effectiveness just six months after the second dose.

Currently, just two doses are required to be considered fully vaccinated. Canadian health officer Dr. Theresa Tam said on Wednesday that she recommends that a specific number of doses should not be used, but rather that Canadians be “up to date” with their shots.

“(A) mandate is a policy decision that takes account many different factors and it’s up to the policymakers at this time to make that difficult decision. But I would always be going with recommending ‘up to date,’” Tam said.

“The difficulty, I think, right now is that the federal definition of vaccine mandates for administrative or travel or other purposes is not up to date. And I am encouraging everybody to adopt the definition.”

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