WATCH: Loudon County parent announces run for Congress on Tucker Carlson

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Brandon Michon, a parent in the Loudoun County School District that went viral for speaking out against remote learning, joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News Wednesday to announce that he is running for Congress in Virginia.

“I had the opportunity to be in the room with Governor Youngkin when he signed the executive orders allowing parents to choose what’s best for their children. Parents want to have a voice and they just want to be heard. That’s why I’m excited to announce on your show, live right now, that I am running for the 10th congressional district of Virginia and we’re going to let parents take and have their voice back,” Congressional candidate Brandon Michon said.

“The 10th district is the backyard of Washington DC. You have Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi who are going to do everything they can to keep it in their control and we’re not going to let it happen,” Michon explained.

“We’re still fighting for our children and parents continue to fight for their children every day,” Michon added.

The congressional candidate told the Fox News host that if it hadn’t been for media exposure their voices wouldn’t have been heard and credited Carlson for helping parents take back control of their childrens education.

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