WATCH: Matt Walsh silences Democrats who back child sex changes with one question

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While testifying before a Tennessee Health Committee Wednesday, Matt Walsh asked Democrat Rep. Caleb Hemmer if he thought a 16-year-old could meaningfully consent to having body parts removed. The question was met with total silence.

Walsh was testifying in favor of HB0001, a bill that seeks to prohibit doctors from performing experimental sex changes on minors under 19. Hemmer, in an attempt to discredit Walsh, brought up a recent hit piece written about Walsh that claimed he believes 16-year-olds should get married and have children. 

“I’m curious if 16 is an adult in your view, why does this bill have the minor defined as 18?” Hemmer asked Walsh.

After clarifying that he was speaking about how people historically would get married and have children much younger than we do today, Walsh explained that the brain is not fully developed until age 25, and argued that there should even be a discussion about whether 18 is too young for youth to consent to sex change procedures.

“Certainly before 18, it’s absurd. I mean, do you think that a 16 year old can meaningfully consent to having their body parts removed?” Walsh asked Hemmer.

After a long, uncomfortable silence, Walsh was told by the legislative body: “We ask the questions.”

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