Watch: Megyn Kelly Calls Out Actress’ Bluff Over Violent Threats Over Drag Shows

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Megyn Kelly hasn’t made her name — or her fortune — by backing away from a fight.

The former Fox News anchor helped take on the cable news giant over its treatment of women. She took on then-presidential contender Donald Trump during a memorable GOP primary moment back in 2015. And she took the honchos at NBC for tens of millions of dollars after she was fired in a ginned-up “blackface” scandal that backfired badly on the Peacock in 2019.

Now, with transgender mania sweeping the progressive world, she’s taking on a Hollywood Oscar winner with exactly the kind of challenge the cancel culture the country needs to see.

During Friday’s episode of “The Megyn Kelly Show” on SiriusXM, the broadcast news veteran highlighted a performance by actress Charlize Theron on a telethon called “Drag Isn’t Dangerous.”

Kelly first noted she didn’t know Theron, though the actress had played Kelly’s character in the movie “Bombshell,” the dramatization about sexual harassment allegations that rocked Fox News and forced the ouster of longtime Fox CEO Roger Ailes.

Then she got down to business.

After mocking the basic premise of the event — “not for the kids with muscular dystrophy, not for the victims of Ukraine, but this one was for the drag queens,” she laughed — Kelly showed a video of an over-excited Theron declaring her love for men who dress up as women, and issuing a violent threat to basically anyone who disagrees.

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