WATCH: New Apple Watch ad accused of being overly ‘gruesome’

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A new one-minute video add by Apple for their Apple Watch, entitled simply “911,” has been accused of being too emotionally charged and “selling you on fear.” The ad is oddly reminiscent of the old “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” Life Alert tv spots.

The ad features interlaced clips from a series of three calls made to 911 from Apple Watches which are said to have saved users’ lives. Each caller is in a life or death situation, has only their watch for communication, and is in desperate need of first responder assistance.

One man was paddle boarding when a current dragged him way out into the sea. Another lady is trapped in a car which crashed into water and is sinking, and a third fell while climbing and broke his leg. According to the ad, all three people managed to survive, thanks to their Apple Watches.

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