WATCH: Non-binary biological male claims 'instilling chaos' gives 'gender euphoria'

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An adult male who identifies as “non-binary” has taken to TikTok to explain feeling euphoric when people are confused about the individual’s gender presentation.

In the short video unearthed by Libs of TikTok, the supposedly sexless being recounts now being identified on the street as a woman “to the point where people call me ma’am, or people call me Miss, or things like that.”

The male whose TikTok handle is @ange_heim says that this is still wrong, because Ange’s identity is non-binary, but that there’s a fun and chaotic part to it.

This fun and chaotic part involves Ange responding to the innocent and polite greeting in the deepest voice possible, “in a way that makes them go, what?” 

“I think that my gender is the emotions of straight people being utterly confused,” explained Ange, mischievously. “Like I just want to instill chaos.”

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