WATCH: Psaki says that 'more Americans will die needlessly' if more COVID funding isn't available

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Jen Psaki, the outgoing White House Press Secretary, once again on Friday pleaded from her platform the Biden administration’s case for making more COVID funding available, in order to prevent “more Americans” from dying “needlessly.”

She started out by talking about “what the consequences will be if we don’t have [this funding], and those are significant.”

“I mean, obviously, more Americans will die needlessly, which is the biggest heart-breaking issue.”

Getting into specifics, Psaki stated, “We’re going to exhaust our treatment supply. We’ll lose out to other countries on promising new treatments. This is one of the biggest components that is of concern to the president, [and] all of us.”

“Because, as you know, how we have approached this to date is we have ordered ahead, so that we are first in line, and we have the supply needed when there’s a better booster, when there’s a better vaccine, or a vaccine that will treat specific variants.”

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