WATCH: Teachers union boss ADMITS teachers are 'social justice warriors', blames politicians

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President of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, took part in a back to school town hall with Education Secretary Miguel Cardona and a number of other special guests on Thursday.

The panel discussed a wide variety of topics, including vaccines, student support, and school funding, however when the issue of teacher wellbeing came up, Weingarten said many are burnt out as the actions of politicians force them to become “social justice warriors.”

Weingarten claimed that teachers were forced to bring their politics into the classroom. She said it was a result of lawmakers attacking them.

“Very few teachers thought that they were going into teaching to be social justice warriors,” she said. She then claimed that teachers were burnt out because they were unable to answer the “questions of children” and that they have to be the “mask police.”

Until as recently as February, Weingarten said there wasn’t enough evidence to lift mask mandates and has been a consistent advocate of masking children in school.

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