WATCH: Tim Pool blasts Twitter for suspending MythinformedMKE

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On Thursday’s Timcast IRL, Tim Pool broke down the latest case of Twitter’s authoritarian overreach of  suppressing speech, the suspending the account of MythinformedMKE. He used it to show why Elon Musk’s takeover of the social media giant is important.

Pool read out The Post Millennial’s reporting on Twitter suspending the popular anti-woke account after a complaint by Desmond the Amazing’s mother, which details the series of events that resulted in the suspension for a DMCA, or copyright strike.

“Let me tell you about Twitter, let me tell you about why what Elon Musk is doing is important,” Pool said.

He delved into the meat of MythinformedMKE’s offending post, which featured Pride attendee speaking about having kids at drag shows, giving money to the dancing men in skimpy costumes.

“It’s a thing in drag culture,” the Pride marcher said, defending the practice. “It’s the same thing you do with strippers.”

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