Watch: Trump Demolishes Rape Accuser, Her Attorney During 48-Min Deposition: ‘Not My Type’

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Talk about a media dud.

E. Jean Carroll’s defamation and battery case against former President Donald Trump was supposed to be the first trial that dealt a serious blow to the 2024 Republican front-runner.

Despite the fact the writer claimed that Trump raped her in the 1990s inside an upscale New York City department store, she couldn’t come up with an exact date for the assault.

After Carroll’s team presented their case in court, Trump’s team declined to even present a defense, simply relying on their cross-examination of Carroll and the evidence already presented, both in the form of depositions and court testimony, to get their case across to the jury. Then, on Friday, lawyers for Carroll released 48 minutes of video from Trump’s deposition last October, according to CBS News.

This was apparently supposed to help their case. Upon watching it, it’s difficult to see how.

During the deposition, Trump held to his original statement that he didn’t even know he’d once met Carroll, and then noted that an undated picture of them together was from a meet-and-greet.

“I was either shaking her hand or her husband’s hand on a receiving line,” Trump said. “Like I say, I shake a lot of hands with people, but I had no idea who she was.

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