WATCH: Tucker Carlson accuses NYT of committing fraud to keep subscribers

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Tucker Carlson says there’s no way the The New York Times hasn’t lost subscribers while accusing the publication of committing fraud to keep its readers.

On his Friday show, Carlson explains the “shoe-leather reporting” his team did by subscribing to the Times to test how difficult it is to cancel a subscription.

Carlson, who is no stranger to run-ins with the Times, introduced the subject by saying: “The New York Times has been getting  much worse for years. When Trump got elected, it became unreadable, and now it’s just a parody site. It’s like the Babylon Bee, but with no self-awareness.”

Carlson said a team member signed up for a Times’ monthly subscription, but cancelled when the rate raised to $17 per month.

“We talked to a representative at the Times in April, and that representative told us that the cancelation was going to go through, but then this month we got billed again.”

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