WATCH: Tucker Carlson calls out WEF 'lizard people' for cringe musical performance

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On his Friday night program Tucker Carlson said “Let’s check in on our lizard overlords in Davos, Switzerland,” and played a clip from a bizarre musical performance that took place at this year’s World Economic Forum summit.

In the clip, the performer, known as Noa, expels a sound resembling one long “Wooo” that cascades up and down in an arhythmic tonal medley accompanied by an acoustic guitar. “Yeah, those people run the world! They’re so impressive!” Carlson said. “What a bunch of freaks.”

According to the WEF website, Noa is “Israel’s most highly acclaimed international singer, songwriter, percussionist, speaker and activist,” who dedicates her time to “the relationship between cultural diplomacy and leadership and the Climate Crisis.”

The performance was part of a WEF summit panel titled “Noa’s Ark – Music as a Catalyst for Change” that was followed by a conversation on “how art and science can be interwoven with diplomacy and decisions for the collective good.”

During the panel, Noa was asked, “Why do people actually hate each other?”

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