WATCH: Unhinged HR professional rants against Canadian truckers' convoy, threatens their jobs

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In a TikTok video that recently surfaced on Twitter, a woman that claims she has a long background in human resources said that those who supported or attended freedom convoy protests in Canada could lose their jobs, or find it difficult to get a new one.

The woman, who identified herself only as Tammy, said that she has spent over 10 years working in HR, and had “learned so, so much” during the few weeks that she has spent on TikTok.

“Something I haven’t shared yet is that I have an HR background, over 10 years in HR, in fact, a lot of that recruiting. And social media is pretty easy to track down,” she said in a video that was posted to the platform on May 26.

“So this is I’m looking at you freedom fighters, free-dumb fighters. We always had freedom, you know, charters and rights and freedom that would tell you that, but since you seem to forget that and you’re all loud and proud with your big thoughts and your big ideas and you want to, whatever, f*cking set up hot tubs in Ottawa.

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