Watch What Happens When CNBC Editor Is Confronted to His Face, and What They Caught Him Saying After

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As the world’s elite descend on Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum conference, things got testy after a reporter confronted a CNBC editor.

Avi Yemini, a reporter for Rebel News, during his coverage of the event, sought to ask questions of Patrick Allen, an international CNBC managing editor for the corporate news entity.

The video on Yemini’s Twitter showed the reporter confronting Allen, asking why he was down as a guest at the controversial meeting of elites.

“May I ask you what CNBC is doing here,” Yemini opened as he approached the editor who was enjoying a cigarette with a colleague.

Allen was not keen to speak, saying that he “did not agree to an interview” and implored Yemini to “go away” after he pushed the mike from his face.

“I’m here to do what you should be doing,” Yemini said to justify his questioning. He then asked if Allen and CNBC were just there to get “marching orders” from the WEF.

“Your suppose to be speaking truth to power,” Yemini pressed and accused the managing editor of having a conflict of interest being involved with the WEF while suppose to be being an impartial journalist.

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