WATCH: Woke teacher forces students to pledge allegiance to the Pride flag

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A TikTok video posted to Twitter has revealed a young activist teacher bragging about having her students pledge allegiance to the Progress Pride flag.

The tattooed teacher with brightly colored hair and multiple piercings can be seen miming standing for the pledge of allegiance in her classroom and looking around confused while the caption reads, “my students on the first day realizing I don’t have an American flag in my room.”

The video, posted to Twitter by Libs of TikTok, then shows a Progress Pride flag on the wall, with the caption “them saying the pledge to the pride flag anyway.” In the background, the pledge of allegiance is playing.

The activist educator’s TikTok account, @kaiju_baby, appears to have been deleted. Before being deleted, the account was set to private, with the educator’s pronouns on display.

Teachers taking on the role of political activists has become a common occurrence in American classrooms. Pride flags are present in classrooms all across the nation, and some teachers take to social media to boast of the LGBTQ+ library materials available to their students.

In 2021, Kristin Pitzen, a public school teacher in Orange County, California was reportedly investigated after posting a video on social media saying her students recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the Progress Pride flag after she removed the American flag because it made her “uncomfortable.”

Last year, students at a Maryland elementary school were invited by school staff to be filmed holding pride flag posters while saying, “Love, Respect, Freedom, Tolerance, Equality, and Pride.”

Even the husband of Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has been caught on video mocking the pledge of allegiance with a group of LGBTQ+ kids at a “gay camp.” Chasten Buttigieg, a middle school teacher, was filmed doing a “pledge to the rainbow flag” in 2019.

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