'We can't trust you': Tucker Carlson SLAMS illiberal progressive ideologues with pronouns in their bios

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Tucker Carlson frequently targeted Media Matters, but since his firing from Fox News, the avowedly leftist not-for-profit media watchdog group has attempted to use their platform to go after Carlson.

The only problem for Media Matters is that the clips they keep leaking, of Carlson on a hot camera before going live on his wildly popular Tucker Carlson Tonight, only serve to make him more likeable.

In one of the latest clips posted by Media Matters for America, former Fox News host Carlson spoke about the “pronoun in bio” people, those who publicly post the pronouns others should use to refer to them. Carlson said that these people cannot be trusted, that they have essentially be ideologically captured.

“I talked to her at great length. It was actually pretty funny,” Carlson said of a conversation with a female Fox executive. “I was like, she’s got a lot of liberals working over there. And, you know, they see this as war and we’re the main force on the other side.”

“That’s crazy,” he continued. “If you’ve got pronouns in your Twitter bio, you shouldn’t work here because we can’t trust you because you’re on the other side.”

Carlson said he wouldn’t “name names because I don’t know who did it, and I’m definitely not going to cast aspersions on someone unfairly.”

“Just because you’re a liberal doesn’t mean you did this,” he said. “It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work here. And Roger [Ailes] would never put up with this shit.”

“Why would you do that? Do you know what I mean? They see this as war, it’s like … I’m an actual liberal, like, I’m totally fine being like [expletive] our makeup artist is like a screaming lefty.”

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