We Finally Know What Greta Thunberg’s Climate Agenda Is All About: Teen Activist Goes Off the Rails at Book Launch

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Say whatever you will about Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, but at the very least, you couldn’t really question her commitment to actually “saving” the planet (whatever that means in 2022).

But that annoying teenager, with her sneering “how dare you,” seems to have melted away to reveal her true face, and it’s a face that looks astonishingly similar to that of any modern-day dictator like Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong Un.

To recount, right before Halloween this year, Thunberg had the entire London’s Royal Festival Hall singing her praises as she unveiled her new book “The Climate Book.”

As UnHerd notes, Thunberg was “gently quizzed” while on stage when it became apparent that it was no longer enough for her to save the planet — she needed to take down the very same capitalism that has allowed her home country to flourish.

Thunberg wasn’t exactly subtle with this assertion, either.

As author Michael Shellenberger noted in his Substack, Thunberg made it abundantly clear that “the whole capitalist system” was the scourge of the planet.

Thunberg described capitalism as the “system” that created the climate crisis in the first place, through its use of “colonialism, imperialism, oppression” and “genocide.” She also blamed capitalism for “racist, oppressive extractionism.”

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