We Now Know How Many AZ Machines Actually Were Down on Election Day – It’ll Make Your Blood Boil

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With the elections in Arizona effectively over, officials have begun to dive into the reasons why there were so many failures in Maricopa County’s voting machines.

Seventy polling places around Arizona’s biggest county have been found to have issues printing ballots.

According to KNXV-TV, the locations were mostly spread throughout the Valley region, with their main issue being Ballot on Demand printers, not tabulation machines.

An election department spokesperson revealed in an email that the printer fusers were the problem, not a lack of ink or toner, according to the report.

“The printers have three profiles, one for the ballot, one for the receipt, and one for the envelope. The ballot ‘media weight’ setting was set to heavy, as recommended, and the receipt and envelope was not.”

County officials assured the public that they had a backup system in place in case of such an emergency. This is where the Door 3 drop-off boxes come in, as reported by KNXV-TV.

Election officials have stated that around 17,000 ballots were placed at these drop-offs, with many of the ballots showing errors.

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