WEF VIP Driver Says He’s Not Allowed to Drive Elites in Electric Vehicles, Reveals Why

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As the masters of the universe convened in Davos, Switzerland, on Monday for the annual World Economic Forum, one of the VIP drivers for this lofty event, who did not want to show his face on camera, told a reporter he is not allowed to drive the elites in electric vehicles.

Japanese journalist Masako Ganaha asked, “What about your car?”

“My car is normal because for VIP I cannot drive electricity auto,” replied the driver.

Ganaha remarked that all Uber driven vehicles, all Teslas, were marked “Ride 100% electric.” The driver confirmed that Uber drivers are required to drive electric vehicles in Switzerland. Gas powered cars are not allowed for the ridesharing service.

Ganaha began, “Electricity cars, for example, Tesla, sometimes it has like accident or if there is no electricity …”

The driver replied, “It’s very dangerous because … if you have some problem over [that ran] out. That’s a big problem with the Tesla. But now almost all they are from Tesla here, for Uber actually.”

“I wonder if the heavy storm comes, what do you think about this only electricity powered car? Is it gonna be okay?” Ganaha asked.

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