What Does Gina Carano Actually Want from Her Disney Lawsuit? The Details May Shock You

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Daily Wire actress Gina Carano and tech mogul Elon Musk bringing an explosive lawsuit against the Walt Disney Company (and its army of lawyers) is a big enough story as it is.

Carano, a trained mixed martial artist, is no stranger to fighting, but going up against Disney was always going to be an uphill battle.

And now that more details have emerged about this bombshell lawsuit, it appears that Carano’s fight could be an even bigger uphill fight than anyone originally thought.

On Tuesday, Carano took to X to announce the massive Musk-funded lawsuit against the House of Mouse:

Despite the length of the X post, actual details about the lawsuit itself were somewhat scant — save for the second-to-last paragraph penned by Carano.

“As for me, I would love to pick up where I left off & continue my journey of creating & participating in story-telling, which is my utmost passion & everything I worked so hard for,” Carano posted.

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