What’s the ‘Tradwife’ Movement and Why Is the Left Determined to Kill It?

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Who could have predicted that the new and not-so-roaring ’20s would evoke a deep and powerful longing for the old days? Well, anyone who has noticed the state of our hollowed-out civilization and its rotting culture might have had an inkling.

At the same time, who could have predicted that the screeching woke left would respond to this healthy nostalgia by launching a fresh assault on everything traditional? Again, anyone who understands the intellectual and spiritual rot at the heart of modern leftism might have expected as much.

In the last few years, something called the “tradwife” movement has taken hold among young women, especially in the U.S. and U.K.

The website “TradWife TradLife” defines a tradwife — short for “traditional wife” — as “a woman who chooses to prioritize her role as a homemaker and caregiver within a marriage or partnership” and who “often embraces traditional values, such as domesticity, modesty, and a commitment to family life.”

To understand how this has emerged as a recognizable movement, we must understand its two basic elements, one practical and the other what we might call spiritual.

First, as a practical matter, the tradwife movement amounts to a social media phenomenon. That tells us that tech-savvy young women, either millennials (born 1981-96) or Gen Z (born 1997 or later), have driven the movement.

These young women have used social media to showcase their traditional lifestyles. And they have attracted considerable notice.

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