‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant’s Answer Causes Audience to Shout in Disbelief

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Kids say the darndest things, as an old-time entertainer once observed.

On Monday’s episode of “Wheel of Fortune,” a Teen Week contestant literally drew a blank when confronted with a puzzle that the rest of the audience had all apparently solved, Fox News reported.

From the resulting outcry, one would think that the universe was hanging in the balance.

Players on the long-running game show have to decipher a phrase by guessing the missing letters.

The teen in question was confronted with the phrase, “FRE__ TROPICAL FRUIT.”

Spoiler alert: The missing letters in the first word were “SH,” which, of course, everybody knows spells “fresh.”

Everybody, that is, except the contestant, who was identified by WKRC-TV as Khushi Tailuru, a 10th-grader from Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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