While Many Americans Skip Thanksgiving Due to Inflation, Look Where Biden Will Be Spending the Holiday

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I’d write “Happy Thanksgiving,” but for many of us, it’ll be anything but that. A recent survey by Personal Capital revealed that too many Americans doubt they’ll have enough money for Thanksgiving this year, while others said they’ll be forced to skip it altogether.

The survey indicated that Thanksgiving dinner will be skipped this year for a staggering one in four Americans, according to Personal Capital.

That’s because President Joe Biden’s inflation crisis, which is still cranking at a near record-high, has all but zapped the available funds that American families would usually have to put toward a nice Thanksgiving meal.

While Americans struggle to fill the table with food, Biden and his family will spend the Thanksgiving holiday at the $20 million Nantucket, Massachusetts estate of billionaire David Rubenstein, a private equity tycoon. According to the New York Post, it’s the second year in a row for the Bidens to celebrate Thanksgiving like only America’s wealthiest can these days.

Why does it feel like elitist Democrats are the only people enjoying the things we used to enjoy, like Thanksgiving dinners, while working-class Americans are forced to choose between name-brand and store-brand ketchup to save a few cents?

“1 in 5 Americans are concerned about affording Thanksgiving dinner this year, according to a recent Personal Capital survey. #Bidenflation is crushing Americans’ budgets this holiday season & Democrats still have NO plan to end the reckless government spending that created it,” House Republicans tweeted last month.

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